As a man, we don’t understand what a woman really interests in. “What to get my wife for Christmas” is not a simple math for us to solve when it comes to Christmas. Moreover, this is one of the biggest holidays in the year, and giving your wife nothing special may ruin her mood for the so-called loving and warming season.

Let her choose what she really loves to

If we ourselves can’t buy her things that really fits her, then just ask her in person what she really loves and let her choose it herself. A new gergous dress, a new expensive jewevery, a stunning hat, a watch that she always dreams of, etc… You don’t want to buy her a giant dress she could possibly swim inside; you don’t also want to give her a hat that makes her looks like a childlish woman on earth! Whatever you want to give her, take her to a store, let her picks what she wants, let her tries them on until she feels happy in front of the mirror (of course within your budget). This may make her day!

Give her a surprise

Every woman wants a surprised gift, whether she loves what you give her or not. It’s your efforts and time of preparing the present touching her heart. However, make sure the gift is good enough, below are some suggestions I would love to give you:

  • A sweater

Who won’t need a sweater for a chilly season? Women never get enough of clothes, wearing a new sweater (or two, or more) for the winter is definitely what they want. Even if she can guess your gift this year is a sweater, she still loves it! You can come to the store, ask for suggestions on the model of the suitable sweater for the ages of your wife. For a better result, find a shop assistants that look simillar to your wife’s figure the most, then ask her to try on some sweaters and all you do is to pick out the best one.

  • A watch

A watch represents the meaning of time, which is priceless, whatever kind of watch you buy her, it is beautiful itself from the meaning of the gift. There are tons of models and color for you to pick one, from classic to modern watch, from simple to complex designs. It would be better if you know which kind of watchband material she likes: metal, plastic, rubber or leather?

There are so many others kind of gifts that you can buy to bring her surprise. You could refer to our tips below. There is no need to ask your self “what should i get my wife for Chrismast 2016” any longer. It’s high time to start your plan for the season!


Fried food is one of the most favourite kinds of food from all over the world. In spite of this, fried food broke people’s plan of diet, causing too many extra calories for each meal. Besides, it gets even worse for bringing diseases to fried-food eaters, the diseases caused by consuming to much oil and fat.With an air fryer, those problems can be solved completely in a very safe, cheap and healthy way.Check this article from 1Cupawesme to know how to buy a good machine for your needs.

How is it safe?

Using only hot air to cook food and keep all the food inside the machine, nothing is going to happen to the cook: You don’t have to stand in front of the cooking machine for the whole cooking time to fry,  so there will be no oil landing in your eyes, your skin to burn you; no oil leaking outside to catch fire and damage your kitchen as well as your house. The machine uses electricity with the simple plug-in, not gas or fire to cook food. It is totally safe and effective way to fry food.

How is it cheap?

This air fryer is not as cheap as other traditional cooking appliance, but let us does the overall calculating:

  • You save 80% of oil for each meal, see how much budget you can save for this cooking material?
  • You save time for cooking, see how much gas, how many jobs you can do while the it cooks food? Time is money!

Buying a traditional cooking gadget may save you much money at first because it is cheaper. However, for a long run, it is defenitely beat all other gadgets up! Every air fryer has warranty service so that users will not be worried about anything.

How is it healthy?

Save 80% of oil for each dish means protecting you from unhealthy food. With a tablespoon of oil every meal, you can reduce a great deal of risks for unwanted diseases: diabetes, obesity, heart attack, even cancer.

Besides your health, it is “healthy” for the environment too. Cooking food with such a little amount of oil or even no oil will save the enviroment from wasted oil every year. Obviously, you have to pour the oil after every time you cook and struggling with stubborn oil stain spread over the pan, now you just wash a simple tray  within a single minute. Clean, safe and healthy!