What to prepare for your hunting trip

Before starting a hunting trip, beside a best gun, a best hunting scope and all other weapons, make sure you have enough preparation as we will mention as below:

A hunting blind

Whether you have the best hunting weapon on earth, with the most expensive price, the fastest speed, the most accurate way to kill a target, you still need a hunting blind to cover yourself from what you are going to aim at. This is one of the most important things to prepare before your hunting trip.

Clothes and stuffs

Health is gold, whatever you do, protect your health with clothes. Go to a store and buy a suitable jacket that can keep you warm, a pair of gloves to keep your hand protected but flexible enough to use a weapon, a pair of socks, suitable shoes used for going to the forest with water-resistant function, a hat which can cover your ears and a suitable trouser too.

A compass

You may have a smartphone to help you in finding out a way or go anywhere you want, but what if it rains or your phone out of battery? A backup is always useful, bring yourself a compass and get ready for a very excited hunting trip without afraid of getting lost.

A watch

As we mention above, a smartphone is not always useful in every situation because of the risk of being out of battery. Having a wrist watch or a pocket watch is a must for this kind of trip. Make sure you have a good-quality watch as you are always outdoor, this watch is going to be going through different kinds of weather, f rom chilly to wet, from day til night, from sunny to rainy. We prefer a wrist watch as it will always stick to you. Or if you buy a pocket watch, make sure you wear it on your neck, not just simply put it in your pocket, you may lose it during your hunting trip, as you may move a lot, from climbing the tree to running after a target.


A binocular is handy and easier to use for finding out the animals. Especially for someone who don’t use a gun with a scope. There are a lot of hunters just use arrow and knife for hunting. Then a binocular is a must. As other hunting equipments, there are a lof of binoculars in the market; they vary from models, colors, functions, etc.

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